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Decorative Pot

Decorative Pots

Decorative Pots

Decorative pots, which can be produced with or without drainage option, can be used either as decorative pots indoors or as production pots outdoors with this feature.

DECOPOTS Decorative Pot

Decopots decorative pots add style to your living space with their modern and aesthetic lines. Our Decopots decorative pots, which can be produced with different color options, are compatible with our 5.5 cm succulent pots. translate to English

TMP 16Momo Pots16 cm12  cm1,8 lt
TMP 25Moma Pots25 cm24 cm9 lt
TDPP 5.5Decorative Pots7 cm6  cm0,1 lt
TDPA 5.5Decorative Pots7 cm6 cm0,1 lt

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